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Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Night

I had a GREAT audition for ER the other day! There were 5 of us up for the role that was written purely in Spanish. Now, in case you didn't know....I don't really speak Spanish. I like to say I fake it pretty well. So there I am, first up, in front of the director, producer and casting director and I do my thang...and it went pretty awesome. The director said something along the lines of that being "damn near perfect!". Nice! He gave me direction and I did it again. Again, it went awesome and I was out the door, feeling really good. :)
Well, I'm assuming that someone walked in after me and did it perfect - not just damn near it - because I haven't heard anything. Oh well. What can you do?
Tonight was opening night of the play festival I am doing at Casa 0101. It was a great opening night. I hadn't been onstage in almost 2 years! That's the been longest I have been away from the theater. I was so nervous at first - but once I felt the energy of the audience, I felt right at home!
Ahhhh...gotta love live theater!


Anonymous Sandy said...

you are a brave woman.
I read your blog recently (in Jan) and admire you chasing your dream.
It is lucky for people who can earn their livings by doing their desired jobs which they really enjoying.

Hope u have more n more auditions and of coz bookings!

Sandy from Hong Kong

3:49 AM  

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