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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Wow...I was on vacation for 6 weeks and it ended yesterday! I never thought I would ever utter the words "I'm tired of vacationing" - but it's true! I'm so happy to be back and motivated to get back to work and make things happen!
I had a great vacation, starting in Europe and ending with my family in Texas. Very low key holiday season for me, which was nice for a change. :)
Within the first couple of hours back in California, I get a call from my manager letting me know I have an audition - straight to producers - for a guest star role on a pilot, playing a teacher! hehe I couldn't be more perfect! It's the same casting office that I tested with in September for that series regular role on that pilot. Remember that? Seemed like just yesterday...
I'm very excited that I have an audition right out of the 2009 gate. Sometimes I have to wait weeks before that happens which is very frustrating! And I'm busy in rehearsals right out of the gate too. I'm doing a short play festival next weekend at Casa 0101. It's my first show with them and I'm happy to be working on the stage again!
I like the way 2009 is starting! Hopefully its a sign for how busy I will be this year! I hope so!
I feel really good going into this new year. I'm going to try and stay busy and productive as much as possible. And since I'm standing in a wedding in mid April, I'm back in the gym trying to shed this vacation weight. UGH!
I'm on a mission baby!


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