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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Very Interesting....

I had a call from my agent's office about an audition for Lincoln Heights for tomorrow. I was a little stressed out since I hadn't subbed all week - but Friday was the only day I had a subbing job lined up! I was going to have to cancel it for this one day guest star role. I get the sides and the breakdown and see the description for the role. She was an african american mother of a 13 year old who is still strung out on drugs, oh, and THIN.....Hmmmmm....Well, I don't exactly fit the description to the T. I mean, how can I be the mother of a 13 yr old??? hahaha just kidding! But seriously, this description concerned me and made me wonder if they made some kind of mistake or just wanted to see someone different. My manager decided to call the casting office and verify since he looked up the little boy who would play my son and saw that he was full fledged African American...not even looking like he may be HALF, so as to get away with casting a Latina as his mom. Thank goodness my manager called because, sure enough - there was a mistake. I wasn't supposed to go in for that role (DUH!) - I'm suppossed to go in for this other role of a woman in a domestic dispute. She's fighting with her husband and they are threatening to arrest her because she's pretty violent and mean. Now that's more like it! ;) THAT I can do! heehee j/k
The only downer is this role is a co-star, not a one day guest star like the other one, even though the sizes are very similar.
I'll just go in and kick butt and see what happens....
Still waiting to hear about Desperate Housewives. No news is NOT good news in this case! :( I'm 'pinned' until Tuesday of next week.


Blogger Nicole J. Butler said...

Congrats Lydia! I auditioned for the crack addict role & when I got the sides I thought they had made a mistake too (I am not even "thin" let alone "crack-addict thin"), but I went in & did my thing. The feedback I got is here:

I saw one women who was went in for the same role that you did...I'm glad you got it. ;o)


--Nicole (from Actorsite)

3:36 PM  

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