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Thursday, July 05, 2007


This has been an interesting vacation - but well worth the trip.
Before I headed out to Texas, I wasn't sure if I even wanted to do this anymore. I know! That sounds pretty shocking. I'm acually working as a professional actress and seeing a lot of success here, in a town where it can be downright rough for a lot of people. I truly have been blessed. But I was getting so frustrated with the industry and the stereotypes I had to face that I had to question if it was all worth it. I thought maybe I should just pack it up and move back to Austin and have a "normal" life and maybe just do acting on the side....
Well, I had a taste of what that "normal life" would be like, and I missed MY life! I missed my routine and my career and my friends and my apartment and the excitement that everyday I live in LA is nothing like the day before! I also missed being my own boss! Being an actress and substitute teacher guarantees you that every day is different - AND I get to decide if I want to work. Everyday! Not a lot of people have that luxury! And I'm able to take a 6 week vacation like this! If I leave my life in LA as I know it, all of that will change. And I realized my life wasn't so bad. I just needed a BREAK. I don't take enough of those. And I'm SO ready to be back - and on FIRE! I needed this time to do nothing related to the industry so I can come back even harder when episodic season comes around - which is at the end of this month! So, I booked my flight and I will be back in Burbank next Thursday - July 12th. :) I've missed my cat! I love Austin but maybe now is not the right time to pack it up and leave LA. Not just yet.
I did decide to combat those frustrations by being more selective in the roles I go out for and see if that makes a difference. And maybe spend more of my free time volunteering. It's important to me to be able to do something for someone else in need. This industry, and town, can be pretty selfish and shallow at times, so I need to balance it with something good. :)
I'm sure it didn't help that Texas has been raining for the majority of my trip - and that made me miss sunny California even more!
Yeah, it's time to go back. Back to my life. :)


Blogger Lipp said...

Great post, I love your Epiphany.
And welcome back to LA.

3:51 PM  

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