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Friday, July 27, 2007

On Avail

Well, I went in to audition for Lincoln Heights and it went really well. I got the call today that I was put on AVAIL. Basically it means "hold". Don't get me wrong - That's GOOD news - but I just wish someone would call me with a BOOKING! Being put on Avail or hold doesn't pay the bills! :)
Then, I got the call that I was let go from my "pinning" on Desperate Housewives. Damn it!!! It would be an easier pill to swallow if they had just written the role out, but apparently, according to my manager, they had cast someone else. I guess more than just one actor was "pinned". Oh well, as they say, when one door closes, another opens. I have a good feeling about Lincoln Heights. Maybe they'll call me soon to say it's a BOOKING!!!
I had another audition today. It was for a short film called "Graveyard Shift". The audition went well...we'll see how that goes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Hun!! I am glad that you are getting these opportunities. I can tell it is alot of work just to get work but you are doing a great job. They don't know what they are missing on D.H. Keep your head up! We are rooting for you. You have done very well for yourself and I know there are more great things to come. You are very beautiful and full of life.

So, tell us more about this role on Mista Nice Guy. Hope it works out with Lincoln Heights and the short film.

Love ya!! :) Ebony

12:37 PM  

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