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Monday, July 23, 2007


I see how it all happens now....I get back into town and I have two auditions within my first few days back to 'trick' me into believing this is the beginning of 'the busy time' for me! ;) Then nothing for a week!!! I see... :)
Well, it's been downright dead since that audition on Tuesday for The Sara Silverman Project. I haven't even heard whether or not I'm doing Desperate Housewives or not. The only action I had was picking up my headshots that I got reproduced so I can be ready for when 'the busy time' really does begin for me! I also picked up my new postcards so I'm very ready to send out notices of my next booking - whenever that is!
Tomorrow I am auditing John Kirby's acting class. I've heard good things about this coach and I wanted to check things out myself. Hopefully, if all goes well, I will be in a class this year. I really need to start stretching my muscles more. I'm beginning to feel pretty rusty, and that's after doing a play!
I was also contacted, via MySpace, for an audition for a short film tomorrow. I read the script and I don't really get the story, but I will check out the audition anyway.


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