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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fan Mail

Yesterday I received a fan letter to my manager's office from someone who claimed to be the "biggest Curb You Enthusiasm Fan in the world". He asked me to sign a color copy of my page in the Curb book, and even told me what to write! (To Scott, 'How do I put up with Larry?'....signed Lydia Blanco) I thought that was pretty funny - that he gave me my "lines" even on the autograph! :) But he did call me a "brilliant" actress and wished me luck with my future projects - so that was VERY nice. (Brilliant huh? heehee I like that!!!)
I ended up missing that audition for the short film, but I did make it to the audit for John Kirby's acting class. It was good...a very long class, but good. And apparently last night was a short night! (from 7pm until 10:45pm) I may join up, I have to call and verify the cost of his classes, and it will be good to know what he charges for private as well, since I may need to have him on speed dial for my next series regular audition! ;)


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