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Saturday, April 07, 2007

This week -

This week was nice. I only "worked" Monday and Friday. I took Tues-Thurs off because I had a friend in town. But I also had 2 commercial auditions on Tuesday. One for Cold Stone Creamery where I played a bikini waxer. At first, I had no idea what that role had to do with ice cream - then they told me the spot would be focusing around "Bigfoot" and he runs into his arch-enemies: A hunter, bikini waxer, and scientist who are all having ice cream. They use it to lure him into the ice cream shop.
Next audition was for Johnsonville Bratwurst (hotdogs). The audition had me and a "husband" BBQ-ing hot dogs on our grill outside and the neighbors were drawn over because of the amazing and delicious smell! It was a fun audition - they just had us wait forever before we could even get seen.
Still waiting to get paid on the ADR looping for the pilot. Do you know I worked that looping session 5 WEEKS ago???? I hate having to chase my money around - trying to track it down. It sucks.
I have another friend visiting next week so I'll only be subbing next Friday. Then the following week my sister visits for the first time. Lots of guests this month, and not many days of work, which should make May an interesting (and tight) month! But all this entertaining is pretty fun! :)
Wish I had a booking to announce, especially with all these auditions I've had lately! Hopefully that's coming soon...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can we say SAG late fees?

5:26 AM  

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