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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Catching Up with a BOOKING!

Dan Finnerty performing at the Avalon with his group The Dan Band

I feel bad that I haven't written in this blog for a while. Sorry everyone! I've just been really busy lately with people coming in from out of town every week this month!
Let me catch you up...
Last week I had an audition for NCIS. It was another maid role. Needless to say, I didn't book it.
I had a commercial audition for Blanca Valdez Casting. She's known for casting commercials for the Spanish market. I had a callback for that yesterday. It went well...except they had this weird thing that they wanted to see everyone's hands and feet - and the product and/or commercial had nothing to do with our hands and feet. Weird...
I had an audition on Monday Desperate Housewives. They called me that same day to tell me I was "pinned". YAY!!! Just found out yesterday they wrote that character out. :( So maybe if they decide to write it back in, I'll be working tomorrow on it... I won't hold my breath though!
Good news finally! I booked the role on Medium that I was "on hold" for! I work on Friday. The role is a HUGE stretch for me....can't believe they even thought of me for this! ;) It's a hotel housekeeper that finds a dead body...and I have an accent! I won't be surprised if my name tag says "Maria" on it! heehee j/k
- I'm actually excited about this because my character finds a body with someone else's decapitated head on it! Nice! I'll be sure to take pics of that!
My sister was in town this weekend and I took her to see my friend Dan in his show, The Dan Band. It was really cool for my sister who had never been to LA before, because we hit the celebrity sighting jackpot! Dan's wife is Kathy Najimy, who happens to be friends with EVERYONE! But on Saturday night, she was rolling with: Ricki Lake, Helen Hunt, Matthew Perry, Nia Vardalos and her husband Ian Gomez, and Anthony LaPaglia. Imagine sitting at the very next table with all of them! And what's funny is, Dan gave us backstage passes for after the show, and me and my sister were waiting backstage with all of these people. It was awkward because they all knew each other and we were just standing there! My sister wanted to take pictures, but we decided not to since I know Dan and that would probably be weird for his friends....
But it was fun being there with all of them! And a great story for my sister to take back to Texas!


Blogger kat said...

It all sounds really exciting and fun. Glad you are posting again.

Don't feel too bad about being a housekeeper too much. I always get called for waitress/cashier. I have that "How may I help you?" look. :(

6:39 PM  

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