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Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm Not THAT Actor, Am I????

So I went in for my audition for Ugly Betty today. I felt pretty good getting there. I thought I looked the part, with my little mexican top and my hair pulled back, to play the mexican nurse. I saw a couple of other Latina actresses that I normally go up against when they are specifically looking for our type. :) One of them is a good friend of mine, Lorena Mena, who I just worked with on the new show Notes From the Underbelly.
Well, Lorena goes in first and when she comes out, she tells me that Lev is in the room. Lev Spiro is the director from our Notes From the Underbelly job. So since she came out with a huge smile on her face and told me that, I just figured he recognized her and they had a nice reunion in there.
Now, let me preface this by saying - I NORMALLY go into my audition rooms, do the work, and leave. No serious chit chat or trying to be funny or charming. Just professional. But this time, for some odd reason, I walk in the room, see Lev, and say "Hey! I know yooooouuuu!" at which he didn't even acknowledge I was even referring to him. Didn't even look up from what he was doing. The woman next to him (who was probably one of the producers) thought I was talking to her and said "Yeah, I think I know you too. Where do I know you from?" And she proceeded to check out my resume. At that moment, before I could respond (thank God, since I wouldn't know what to say) - the casting assistant said "I will be reading with you" and began the audition. I was a little thrown off, but I just had to read 2 lines and it went well. They said "Very nice job Lydia" and out the door I went. I was kicking myself for creating that awkward moment - because really - that's NOT me - the actor that goes in there and says too much.
So there. I have beat myself up about this, and I'm sure I'm totally overreacting. Maybe it wasn't as bad and awkward as it felt to me. And needless to say, I did NOT go in there and ask to read for the larger role.
It's best for me not to be THAT actor. I want to be remembered as someone who did good work - not as that actress who asked to read for a larger part - or the one who said she knew the director. UGH! Ok, ok, it's over with. :)
Tomorrow I have an audition for a commercial. Cold Stone Creamery. :) I'm going in for a tough bikini waxer......?????


Blogger kat said...

I love reading your blog - thank you for sharing your moments (and sometimes "oops" moments even though they really aren't bad!). I'm just starting to watch Ugly Betty. Hope to see you on it!

4:12 PM  

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