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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Nicest Guy in Hollywood

with Lev, AKA The Nicest Guy!
I never know just who stumbles upon my blog… I have had strangers contact me because they know someone I mentioned and want to get a hold of them, or just to say hi for them, I’ve had casting directors email me just to let me know they still remember me - and now, lately, I can add “TV Directors” to that list! I got an email last night from Lev L Spiro - the director from my Notes From the Underbelly episode AND the one that was in the Ugly Betty audition room when I made a huge dork of myself!
He “stumbled” upon my blog and read my account of that audition and how awkward I felt afterwards! He actually APOLOGIZED to me for not hearing me and making me feel awkward. Can you believe that? Even though I’m the one that created the awkward situation by saying anything at all! Nice guy! And it so happens that he did remember me from Notes, and was just lost in thought and didn’t hear me address him.
I was really touched by the fact that he even emailed me and went out of his way to make me feel better about that situation! Now, if only I booked Ugly Betty - then I would feel a WHOLE lot better about that audition! ;) haha Oh well - Next Time! :)
I worked on Medium this evening. I had a late call time (5:30pm) and I was wrapped by 10:30pm. And can you believe I forgot to take my camera??? :( I never forget to take my camera! But I had a great time tonight. Everyone was so nice and the director, Aaron Lipstadt, was awesome! Very cool guy! And props gave me my hotel housekeeping name tag and I’ll give you one guess what my name was…….yup - big surprise: MARIA! Hahah I could’ve been a “Cindy” or a “Lisa”, something less stereotypical. One day they will get there….right? I have to have hope!
Everyone was so nice, I want to go back next week and work again! Someday I will get a job that’s NOT just one day - or even one week - but a job where I get to show up every day and act…now that would be just perfect!
I forgot to mention I am doing a play. It’s called My Visits with MGM (My Grandmother Marta), and it’s the same play I did 8 years ago in Austin. I’m playing a different role this time, but I LOVE the play! It’s written by Edit Villarreal, who is the dean of the master’s writing program at UCLA. One of the MFA grad students is directing it for her grade so she got to hire professional actors for this one night performance (May 29th). We started rehearsals this week and things have been moving along nicely, with the exception of replacing the LEAD just yesterday! She had cast a student in the title role, who didn’t have any acting experience whatsoever. And the student was overloaded with school, her internship, planning a wedding, and caring for her 1 yr old. I can’t imagine having all of that on my plate, and trying to memorize lines for the first time! Yikes! So the director went ahead and hired another professional actor to fill that spot. I haven’t met her yet since I was shooting tonight - but I’ll meet her tomorrow.
I went on a hike this morning and ran into Michael Chiklis from The Shield. He was walking his beautiful dog. We stopped and chatted a bit and I reminded him that we worked together on an episode of The Shield. He acted like he remembered me, not sure if that was true though! Very nice guy....maybe the SECOND nicest in this town! ;)
Tomorrow I begin teaching the kids acting classes with my friend Lorena’s company. Should be fun - I’m looking forward to it! I have rehearsal in the afternoon and I’m seeing a friend’s play in the evening. Busy day! :)


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