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Monday, April 02, 2007

Screening Time!

1st pic: Jordan and Randy introduce the pilot to the eager audience, 2nd pic: Casting Director Barbara Fiorentino and Jessie Disla from FMW Casting, 3rd pic: Laurie Metcalf and Jordan Budde, 4th pic: Jill Latiano and her real life sister, 5th pic: Me and Mauricio Mendoza (who played my husband on the pilot)

Wow! Last night I got to see The Virgin of Akron Ohio pilot that we shot in Vancouver! It was so exciting! Mostly the entire cast was there, including Laurie Metcalf who played the mother and Chelah Hordahl, the actress from Vancouver who played the sister. It was awesome to get a chance and hang out with Randy Zisk, the director, who hosted the screening in his beautiful house in Brentwood. I got a chance to spend some time talking with Jordan Budde, the writer of the pilot. He's such a nice guy. Actually EVERYONE on this project was amazing! And it all started with how amazingly supportive the casting office at FMW were! LOVE THEM!!!! :)
I'm really excited about this project and I'm sure it will get picked up. The show is actually a good show and I can see it developing a following pretty quickly!
I would love to work with these people again anyway day of the week!


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