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Friday, October 06, 2006

Print Print and More Print!

So, It's no secret that I go out theatrically WAY more than I do commercially - which is part of the reason why I got my new headshots done! :) But I haven't even put them on LA Casting yet and I had two print "auditions" this week and one for Monday.
Print is an interesting thing since there is no union jurisdiction over it and the pay can range from $600 for your pic to $3500! And sometimes for stock print - you never know where your image will end up! I'm slowly sending out postcards announcing my booking for What About Brian - trying to make it stretch as far as I can, because you never know when that next job is coming!
I LOVE that I am still "working" on The Holiday, almost a year after I booked it! :) I go in on Monday for looping - so that should be fun! :) Maybe then I can ask the director about my chances for an invite to the premiere!


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