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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lesson Learned

I got a phone call this morning at 10am from my manager saying I have a last minute audition for a guest star, possible recurring, role on Corey in the House. And it was straight to producers at 1pm! I was in the middle of teaching a fifth grade class and I was so stressed out - because that's exactly the kind of role I want - GUEST STAR RECURRING!!!!!! (That's just under my top choice of "series regular"!) ;) So I had no choice. I HAD to make that I told the offfice I wasn't feeling well (I know, I know - I feel so bad about that!) and I rushed over to my manager's office to pick up my sides and rushed over to the audition. I was told they were going from 1pm until 1:30pm - and I got there at 1:30pm. I thought I missed it - but luckily they were still there, waiting for anyone who may arrive late (like me!).
The audition went well, that's GREAT considering I only had the script from the drive from my manager's office to the audition! The only thing I regret is not being dressed for the part. The role is the First Lady of the United States and I wore what I was wearing to teach - jeans and tennies. :( My sweater was nice enough, but it wasn't a suit - like what the other actresses were wearing! I'm hoping they can see past my wardrobe and know that I can totally do this part! This character was so funny! She thinks she can sing and she writes this song for her husband and sings it for him. And she sings horribly out of tune - which was something I had no difficulty doing! I thought I played her cute and likeable, so we'll see what happens.
Maria Costa was there again for this role. But I wasn't so intimidated by her this time. Maybe it's because I KNOW I could do this role.... :)
But the HUGE lesson I learned in all of this is: Be prepared - even for last minute auditions! I should've had a bag in my trunk with slacks or a skirt and heels. A bag full of clothes will come in handy when I have to rush off to something like this! Now I know...for next time!
But I hope to book this one! :)


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