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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So for the first time EVER in my career, I passed on an audition. Can you believe it?
Last week, my manager called with this small 2 line role for a sitcom. The part was described as a "Rosie Perez Puetro Rican type" and the lines were all in Spanish. I checked out the scene and thought that this would be the perfect time to pass. It was a co-star audition, and since I am focusing more on larger guest star roles and hopefully, eventually, series regular roles, I didn't think that I NEEDED to jump at this opportunity. Plus, I figured I wasn't a shoe in for the Rosie Perez type and I'm sure that there will be others auditioning that better fit that description, and who spoke better Spanish than I.
So I passed on the audition. I felt good about that, and nervous too. Especially since I had never been in for this office before...I didn't want to hurt my chances with them. But I'm trying to stay positive and think of it as steering their vision of me as a co-star actor to a guest star actor! :) Maybe they will keep me in mind for larger roles in the future. Hopefully.
I have lots going on in my career that doesn't necessarily have to do with big auditions. I am auditing two classes in the next week or so. I'm checking out Ivanna Chubbuck's Master Class and Howard Fine's Master Class. I need to get into a good class where I get to stretch my acting muscles more often. Those one and two line parts are just not cutting it! :) I know class can get pretty expensive, so I hope I'm able to do it!
Also this week I plan to send out all my packages to my top 26 agencies. I know I was pretty ambitious when getting this list together, but I'm hoping and praying for a miracle! You can't get the best unless you ask for it, right?
What was that great quote I came up with??
Oh yeah,


So I'm asking for a new and amazing agent!! :)


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