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Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a GREAT Day!

I love days where I get to work as an actor. Those are probably the best days EVER! My call time wasn't until 3pm - so I had time to hit the gym. Thank God! After all the food I ate on set - I'm happy I at least hit the gym!
Starting a new acting job is a lot like being the new kid in school. Everyone there already knows each other. I'm always a bit shy when coming to the set. I try and get a feel for the people, the vibe of the show, to see just how much of my outgoing personality to bring out. :) I stayed pretty quiet for most of the day - but I figured if I stayed this quiet until I wrapped, I wouldn't make much of an impression, nor would I be able to nab a great photo for my blog! Soooooo.....
I was sitting next to Allison Anders, as I overheard her talking on her cell phone about wanting to write and direct another movie. When she hung up, I half-heartedly joked around about making "Mi Vida Loca - The sequel", which grew into a conversation about the making of that film. Allison really is something else! She is an amazingly sweet and open person! We sat and talked for quite a while about the possibility of the sequel actually happening! Then she thanked me for being an inspiration and asked for my "information". I ended up giving her my business card when I wrapped and she gave me a great big hug and kiss on the cheek. It was probably the most awesome connection I have ever made with a director on set! And I would love being part of the "where are they now?" sequel to that movie made 13 years ago! Wouldn't that be crazy? MI Vida Loca.....
I also had the opportunity to talk to Amanda Detmer, the actress whose nanny I play. She was telling me about her experience with the making of the film Saving Silverman. Amanda is a very petite actress. She's about 5'2" or 5'3" and she was saying that she used to weigh 115 when she started that film, but the studio said she looked overweight and out of shape and she needed to lose weight. She hired a personal trainer and dropped 15 pounds. I can't imagine 115 pounds looking or being "overweight"! That is just SO absurd to me!
All in all it was a pretty amazing night! And I heard the BEST words a 1st AD can tell to an actor: "See you next time!"
Hopefully that means I'm in an upcoming epsiode. A nanny is basically part of the family, right? And if I'm part of the family - then I would probably be there A LOT, right? And if I'm there a lot, they should just make me a series regular, RIGHT? And if I do a great job as a series regular, then I could get a SPIN-OFF!.....RIGHT???........ :)


Blogger Bonnie said...

Keep dreamin' big, darlin'! You rock!

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Jesse Daly said...

Lydia -


Alison Anders is honestly one of my favorite writer/directors - "Grace of my heart" & "Things behind the sun" are simply amazing films! Im soo jealous that you got to work with her! :P


7:08 PM  

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