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Monday, October 09, 2006

Another "Actor" Day!!

Had another print audition today. I had to dress as if going to the beach, in shorts and a t-shirt, even though the weather in LA was cloudy and kinda cool... Right after my audition I headed over to SONY studios for my ADR appointment for The Holiday. I had to loop my voice to a scene I'm in. They played it back for me and I look like a big blur...They assured me I'm more visible in other scenes. I hope they're right! :)
I stopped by Debra Zane's office afterwards to drop off one of my new headshots, but they weren't there. I'll have to try back again soon. Then I headed home to change for my last minute audition for Notes From the Underbelly at Tracy Lilienfield's office. I haven't seen Tracy in quite a while. She cast me in Good Morning Miami a while back (4 years to be exact - wow) It was nice to be in front of her again. She called me in for a pre read for the role of Maria, a "comically dry" hostess. I thought it went pretty well. I guess she thought so too; she asked me back for tomorrow to meet the producers at 2:30pm. Yea!!!
Let's all hope for another booking - it's been a slow year for me - I need some catching up! :)


Blogger Angel said...

Sorry I missed you yesterday...had an audition and was rehearsing w/ my scene partner for class and of course my workshop. Hey, looks like you had a pretty busy day after all!


7:49 PM  

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