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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, I'm sorta "working" tomorrow. They called me in to do some looping on this show that I worked on this past summer called The Unit. I'm scheduled to work 15 minutes. Since they pay whatever my scale hourly is divided by 15 minute increments, it's still a nice check for a few minutes of re-saying some lines for the footage. This is the first time I have ever been needed for looping on a show. I'll be sure to post what it was like! :-)
I'm also training tomorrow to be one of those actors that USC hires for the medical students. They train us on the illness we are going to portray and what symptoms we would have. That way the future doctors get tested in a real patient way and I believe we have to evaluate them to make sure they asked everything that was needed to be asked. I feel very much like Kramer from Seinfeld right now. Remember that episode?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

HaHa, yea

That was a great episode of Seinfeld. I forget what symptoms
he has to act out, but when he starts fighting with that little man, I just start cracking up. That was a great show! Larry David and Jerry are great writers. It's cool that you got to work with Larry. Keep up the good work!


12:35 PM  
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