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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

2 Auditions Lined up for this Week!

I like it when it starts to get busy! My plane just landed last night from my Thanksgiving break in Texas and I checked my messages and had information for TWO auditions for this week! One was for today. I went in to read for E-Ring - the new Benjamin Bratt tv show. I read for a character named Caroline Herrera...she is an Embassy Staffer (not the maid! heehee) and it went pretty well. It was originally a guest star role but I guess it got downsized to a co-star. I went in to read for Barbara with Fiorentino/Mangieri/Weidman. She was really nice and said some nice things after I maybe if not this role (because there were a lot of girls auditioning) - then maybe something else in the near future.
It was a hectic day! I had made plans to sub today and then I got the call about the audition last night at around 5:30pm. My audition time was at 11am clear across the other side of town. I wasn't sure how to sub - AND go to the audition at the same time! Luckily the school I was working at today had hired a bunch of subs to cover different classes throughout the day and they just got another sub to cover the class I would've covered during that time. I made it back from the audition to cover the afternoon class. It all worked out - Thankfully! I have another subbing job on Thursday - but I don't have to make it to my film audition until 3:30pm - so I should be ok. I'm auditioning for Chaos Theory - a feature film with Ryan Reynolds. The script looks like fun...I'll tell you more later... :-)


Anonymous Omar said...

ok, where do i begin? FIRST OF ALL, i'm so happy you are getting busier because you are way talented. it seems like you are a making a name for yourself with casting directors, girlie...are the emmy awards next?! SECOND OF ALL, i am so bummed that i missed you AGAIN!! are you coming home for Christmas? please send me the dates and we'll make a date - in advance! haha!
i totally miss you. we need a good time to catch up. congratulations on the work!! love you!

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:43 PM  

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