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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Working on Monk

I had a really great day shooting Monk yesterday.
As soon as I got to set I sat in the make up chair for 2 hours while they made me into a corpse that has been rotting for 12 days. That was fun! Then we headed to the location, which happened to be the same house I shot Desperate Housewives!
My first scene to shoot was where I had to play dead. I have never done that before, and let me tell you, it's hard work laying down on a HARD hardwood floor take after take while trying not to show your breathing! I would try to hold my breath, but then get nervous and have to breathe - then I would take too big of a breath which made me paranoid that my chest was moving too much in the scene. It's hard work. But no one told me I was moving or breathing too much so I guess I did a good enough job!
Then finally I changed out of my dead makeup into my normal alive makeup and shot the flashback scenes which will be in black and white, I believe. Cool!
I had a stunt double, for when the attacker kills me with a crowbar to my head. I also had a photo double for when I'm dead on the floor...even though I did that work too. I guess she was there for my breaks? I don't know...
But all in all, I had fun. :) Tony Shahloub was a REALLY nice guy! I enjoyed chatting with him on set about the show, his role as executive producer, and his plans for when the show ends.
I really needed this positive experience. I was going through a tough week where I was questioning my next career move, considering a break for a while to do something else - anything else. But after this shoot, I realize that there is still some passion and talent left in me to where I can't just walk away completely right now. I just have to find another creative outlet to keep the juices flowing. Maybe produce my own work? Do more theater? Get in a class? Find a new day job that's industry related? I don't know....But I'll figure it out.
Maybe I just need to take my summer vacation. :)


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