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Thursday, June 18, 2009

2 Commercial Auditions on Tuesday

I had two commercial auditions on Tuesday of this week.
The first one was for a Geico commercial. I really wish this one went better than it did. I had one line and for some reason it never came out right. :( I went in with a partner and I was the one that was getting all the notes. Just seemed like I couldn't get it right - take after take. :( Then I rushed over to my second audition of the day for Time Warner Cable. This one went better. I got to use my comedic abilities and play the demanding wife. Nice. Didn't go PERFECT, but it did go better!
I'm meeting a friend tomorrow afternoon to discuss the possibilities of producing theater together. Both of us have been wrapped up with shooting film and TV that we haven't had much time for the stage. And we both really miss it. So hopefully something can come of this.
I'm realy liking the idea of taking on the producer's role. In theater, TV and film. I may have found a new road for me to explore... :)


Blogger Laura said...

u go girl! hope u land them!


12:36 PM  

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