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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sympathy for Delicious

Orlando Bloom in character in Sympathy for Delicious.

I was invited by a friend of mine, Al Coronel, who is also with my manager to see an advanced screening of Sympathy for Delicious, the Mark Ruffalo directed film I shot just a couple of months ago. I walked through the doors of William Morris Endeavor for the first time ever, to see the film in their private screening room. It was a very rough cut, meaning Mark still had a lot to do to the film before it's completely finished and ready to be seen by the public. But let me just tell you, Orlando Bloom was really good, and completely different from what people have seen him do so far. Christopher Thorton and Mark Ruffalo both gave really good performances and Juliette Lewis was as powerful as ever. But damn it, I love Laura Linney, and I wish there was more of her in this film! :( But all in all, I'm excited to see what he does in post production and I can't wait for everyone to check out his directorial debut.
My role in this was SO VERY MINOR, just FYI... I play the mother to a little boy who gets healed by Delicious D, played by Christopher Thornton. I'm talking seconds... But its ok. Work is work, right? And the opportunity to work with THE nicest guy ever was all so worth it! Mark Ruffalo is so very sweet and kind. I just love him to death! :)


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