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Friday, February 20, 2009


Yesterday I was on set working on Sympathy For Delicious, the directorial debut of Mark Ruffalo! I was so excited to be on this set! The moment I met Mark and he approved my wardrobe, he was so sweet to me, thanking me for being there and telling me what a great job I had done. I guess he meant in my audition. Then I went to set and we worked on the chaotic scene where the lead character, played by Christopher Thornton (who is also the writer) healed my "son" in leg braces. I think we did maybe two takes and we were done. In fact, my audition consisted of improv, which I realized later that I didn't even do in my scene on set! So I doubt I will be heard - much less seen in this movie! But the plus side is...I did get to meet and talk to Mark and learn what a very nurturing and sweet director he is! :)
We chatted again later where he again said what a great job I did and even went as far as to call me an amazing and talented actress. Hmmm...Maybe he was still thinking of my audition, because I didn't feel like I gave much in my scene. Oh well. All that matters is that he liked me, right?? :)
I'm just bummed that my experience on this film was limited to just one day.
I've read the script and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the story. And from what I saw in the play backs yesterday on the monitors - it looked like it was shot really well.
It's going to be a pretty damn good movie.
Back to being unemployed.


Blogger Amy Price said...

She's BACK! Phew, I was having Lydia blog withdrawal, ha ha. Thanks for the update. Love your work!

3:31 AM  

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