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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

8 Years...And Counting!

(Once of my first headshots when I moved to LA! Good old Black and White!)

Well, Today marks my 8th year in Hollywood! Can you believe how time zooms by so fast? 8 years ago today I arrived here without any connections or family or close friends. My beginning was a great story that I would tell from time to time over these 8 years. It explains my tenaciousness and perserverance.
I knew one girl who I did a film with in Austin. It was prearranged that I would stay with her for a month while I found my own place and some source of income. I paid her weekly to sleep on a dirty futon on her living room floor which I shared with her dogs. Nice. After 2 weeks, she kicked me out, wanting "her space" back. I was homeless my first couple of weeks in town...not knowing a single soul. With all my stuff piled in my car, on a rainy day in February, I had no place to go. Somehow a miracle happened, and a girl who I had just met the week before in person (but I had an email friendship with before moving here) insisted I come stay with her and her husband that very day I was kicked out. They took me in and treated me like a family member they were hosting. I stayed there for about 3 weeks until I found an apartment in the valley. Till this day, she is one of my closest and dearest friends - I can never thank you enough Jen! :)
That was a tough month - but never did the thought of turning around and driving back to Texas enter my mind. Not once. Weird huh? It wasn't even an option.
As I sit here and think about my beginning, it makes me very proud of myself to see how far I've come.
So how did I celebrate my 8 year anniversary in Hollywood?? Well, by declining an audition for Grey's Anatomy of course! haha WHAT?????
Yeah, that's right, you read correctly. My manager called me with an audition for Grey's Anatomy. I was so excited because I love that show and I've been waiting for the opportunity to work on it! She didn't know if the role was a co-star or a guest star since there was no breakdown for it. I looked at the sides and saw it was only one page, yet my manager was sure there had to be more to the role. I put a call into my agent and he checked it out for me. He called me back and said it was a one scene co-star and he thanked the casting director, but declined. Yup. Just like that.
But I totally understand. That's why I have him as my agent. He's helping me say no to those small parts that I have done plenty of times before. He's helping me focus on those meatier, jucier roles that I've been wanting. He made a good point saying that Grey's Anatomy is a great show and will be on for a while, so its best we hold out for a better role. Because once you work on a show - that's it. Unless they bring your character back, you can't work it again as a different character. So, here I am...waiting for the role that's right for me on this show. I just hope they give me a shot when that role comes along! :)
Happy Anniversary to me! haha


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Congratulations on your 8 year anniversary!

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