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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My friend Allie with her "movie husband" on the set of Sympathy for Delicious

A very big congratulations to my friend Allie Smith, who just got bumped up to a speaking role on the set of Sympathy for Delicious! I've known Allie since she was a itty bitty teenager in Texas, and she had moved to Chicago to pursue her career in acting. She's been out here for just a few years, trying to find her way. She was doing a pretty nice featured extra role on this movie and I got to see her on set when I was shooting on Thursday. Well, she just told me today that Mark Ruffalo, the director, gave her a line! Her first big movie job out here in LA! She so deserves it! She was so excited - and so was I!
See folks, it can happen, just like that! She was showing up everyday as an extra, trying to soak up as much as she could while on set, and because she is just so darn likeable and professional, they found a way to upgrade her! And in an insant, they moved her from a chair outside with the others, to a trailer all her own. :) Nice.
Here's to many more to come Allie!


Anonymous Allie Smith said...

Awww! You are so awesome to post this and you were the FIRST person I texted with the news. ;) Thanks for being with me through all this and for many more to come!!!

10:30 PM  

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