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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today was Exhausting!

ok, so it went down like this...
I got to my Weeds audition, feeling pretty good about it. I felt like this was a no-brainer for me, pretty easy stuff. I saw SO many friends there for other parts, it was crazy! I mean, it felt like a family BBQ with all the Latinos hugging and chatting each other up. I played catch up with a lot of them. :)
Then I was brought in first out of a group of 7 other girls. I went in and did my thing, feeling really good about the whole audition. They all seemed to laugh at all the right parts. They said thank you, I said thank you, and I was out the door. Then Kari, Dava's associate, came running out after me and asked me to come back in and do it again. Nice! :) They gave me an adjustment and I did the scene again. I was kind of disappointed in myself because I didn't feel as if I did the adjustment like they wanted. They wanted that first line, very matter of fact and dry like the rest of the scene. I felt like I almost did it exactly like the first time. Not a good thing! I want them to know I can take direction - WELL!
But, I did it and out the door I left. Kinda kicking myself. :( Oh well...I have to believe that even though it wasn't "as perfect" as I thought I could've been in that second scene, I still was good enough to book it. I have to believe that.
Right after that audition, I headed over to that rehearsal for the staged reading. It went really well. Considering it was the very first time I even received my script, it sounded pretty good outloud.
There's a cast of 4 actors in this, and we do the reading Thursday afternoon.


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