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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Three o'clock rolls around and I feel like I must have lost the part since I hadn't heard anything so far. Then, my phone rings. It's my agent Marsha and she tells me that they want me for Weeds!!! YAY!!!! I'm very excited because my resume could use another Guest Star credit - PLUS, I've been DYING to get back on set again! Things can't get any better!!! :)
I work on Tuesday of next week and I should be going in for a wardrobe fitting sometime at the end of this week, or the latest on Monday.
Right after hearing that news, I went in for another audition. Marlo, who I just did a workshop with on Thursday of last week, called me in for a small role on Ghost Whisperer. The awesome thing about that role was it was non-descript. The character could've been Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, Asian...anything! And I was just happy that she thought of me to throw into the mix! I went in and did my thing and out I left. Felt pretty ok about it. It happened so fast I couldn't really tell.
Then I headed over to ACG for another workshop. Tonight I met with Will Stewart of Lowy/Brace Casting. I've been wanting to meet him for a while now, since I just LOVE Grey's Anatomy!!! I had a pretty dramatic scene that I felt really good about, so hopefullty that will generate an audition for that office really soon!
Time to mail the thank you card to help him remember me! And to get those booking postcards out too!


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Hey, congrats! That's awesome!

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