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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting Some Weed

Me, in my very flattering (HA!) border patrol uniform on the set of Weeds! And the border "recreated".

I shot Weeds yesterday. Well, actually, I went to the set, got all dressed up in my wardrobe and waited to shoot Weeds today. After 8 hours of being ready to work, they wrapped us without even shooting our scene! Then they tell me that they have to reschedule the scene for Thursday morning.
The bad news is, I had bought a plane ticket to go to Austin for a long weekend to hang out with some friends. I was scheduled to leave this morning. I had to change my flight and pay the difference of flying out on Friday morning instead. The GREAT news is, I am working another day - PLUS another day for holding me today. I just tripled my paycheck! Nice! I definately don't mind the extra money I had to spend on changing that plane ticket now! :)
Tomorrow's calltime is 6:30am, and my scene is the first one scheduled to shoot for the day, so I'll probably be wrapped early. :)


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