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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm Missing my Internet! :(

I can't wait to get internet connected at my new house! They're supposed to come tomorrow! Thank GOD! I've also been without tv for a week - which is amazing considering what a tv fanatic I am! :) I feel so LOST! LOL
I have done a lot of reading lately - and organizing my new place. :)
I had an audition for Eli Stone on Friday morning. It was straight to producers for a "possible recurring" role as the assistant to Eli Stone's fiance'. The character was described as smart and professional, so I got to rock the new haircut and my new glasses! It went well, I got the call a couple of hours later to say I was 'pinned'. But so were a couple of other actresses so it's a matter of them just making a decision. I didn't feel like it went PERFECTLY - just 'well'. It will shoot either Tuesday or Wednesday so if I booked it, I'm sure I will hear something by tomorrow. Keep those fingers crossed! i would love to book this! :)
I worked at my manager's office on Friday submitted talent for commercials. It was fun - but very tiring on my eyes sitting in front of that computer all day!
But I have learned the importance of a great headshot - or many great headshots! :)


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