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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catch Up Time

wow - life has been crazy busy lately, with me moving into my new place. But now that THAT is all complete, I feel like I can get back to my routine. Almost. I still don't have internet service at my new house. I've been checking email at Starbucks and developing an addiction to coffee now. Great. Which also explains why I haven't blogged in a while...
Let me catch you up:
I had two auditions last week - one was for a DOCTOR!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!!! I knew my new hair would help me in that department! ;) Except when I got there, they told me the role had changed to a "social worker". Oh well...It was for the show "Women's Murder Club". It went well though...
Then I had a last minute audition on Friday for The Shield. That was a hard one to get to - mainly because I set aside Friday to finish packing and to complete the last minute details for my move. But luckily since the role was for a cashier at a greasy diner, my sloppy "moving clothes" worked out just fine! :) I was surprised that they even called me in to audition for The Shield since I have already worked on it - but I didn't question it. Especially since this is one of the last few episodes for the show! :(
My move went smoothly and I am very happy in my new place. So is my cat! :)
And I got two fan emails this weekend requesting an autographed picture, so that was nice! :)
I'm helping out at my manager's office for the day on Friday since they're shorthanded. So that will be interesting - playing "manager" for a day! Who knows, I may find a new calling! haha ;)

I also received this earlier this week and thought it was pretty inspiring:
Each of us has a finite amount of time and energy; spend yours doing rather than talking about doing. Too many people live on "Someday Isle." "Someday I'll start the business. Someday I'll reach out to that person. Someday I'll get back in shape. Someday I'll contribute to the benefit of others." Talking and doing both require investing your precious time and energy but only doing produces a return. Eventually you will run out of "someday's" and have little but regret for the missed opportunities unless you act. You have choice. You have today. Don't talk opportunity away; seize it.



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