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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Today at Medium

1st pic: my nametag for Medium, 2nd pic: with director Aaron Lipstadt, 3rd pic: the dead body I found in the room

Well, I forgot my camera last time, so when they called me for reshoots today, I made sure I brought it! No, they didn't forget to put film in the camera! They were checking out the footage from last Friday and the producers didn't feel mlike the dead body looked real enough. They used an actual dummy and tried to make her look real, but it didn't work out so this time they hired an actress to play the decapitated corpse. The green mask will disappear with the green screen and she will look headless. It looked pretty creepy up close. Everyone was really nice, as usual. I don't think I have ever had a bad experience on a set. Shoot, when you're employed - you find it pretty easy to smile! :)
Looks like this will air THIS COMING WEDNESDAY at 10pm! wow! That's the fastest turn around I have ever seen! My episode is titled "Heads Will Roll" - just in case you miss it on Wednesday and you want to check it out on!


Blogger Rick Olmos said...

Make the Corpus Beaners proud!!

11:33 PM  

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