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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Slowing Down...

I had an audition for the lead in a feature film and I turned it down. What?? Am I crazy??? Let me explain...
I just got the email last night at around 7pm, and I didn't get home to see the sides until 10pm. I noticed that both audition scenes were in spanish, with a note saying they wanted Native Spanish speakers...sooooo....since I don't speak it fluently (I'm a really good faker) - I figured I wouldn't be able to do the part the way they wanted. Plus, I'm sure someone else would've fit the description more closely than myself: mother between 30-40 yrs old who ONLY speaks Spanish! So I walked away from this one. And it's ok... :)
After 6 years of living in this town, immersed in this industry, you sometimes need a BREAK. So after I'm finished with this play at the end of this month, I'm flying to Texas for a bit. Not sure how long, but I'll be sure to relax and think nothing about Hollywood, or my career, or LA.... I think I really do need it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

let the countdown begin!

11:04 AM  

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