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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Goodbye Pilot!

The producers and director of The Virgin of Akron Ohio.
Jordan, the writer of the pilot I shot in Vancouver this February, called me today to give me the bad news. The pilot did not get picked up. :( I'm actually really shocked because I just assumed it would. The pilot was so well done, and I figured it was perfect for Lifetime! But they have someone new heading Lifetime now, so maybe the show wasn't in sync with their new vision. Who knows. Jordan was really upset about it, and understandably so, it was his baby.
What does it mean for me? Well, since I was just a guest star (no such thing as JUST a guest star! But you know what I mean...), it just means my one and only episode will not air. They could have decided to write me in more and make me a constant character on it eventually, but at this point, I was just in that first episode. But the positive side (and there is always a positive side!) Jordan, THE WRITER, called me personally to tell me the news! That is a relationship with someone who will continue creating and making waves in this industry! Hopefully I will be on his mind for the next pilot they need to cast. Maybe I could inspire a great character in his next project....Who knows! You gotta dream big! ;)
The crazy thing is...he asked me what I've been up to and the only thing I mentioned was going to Texas for a long vacation in about a week. I didn't mention Medium, or my play that will open on Tuesday. Just my vacation! What's wrong with me??? It's obvious...I desperately need that vacation!


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