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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Success!

The cast of MGM
We ran the show at 3pm for our last "dress rehearsal" and I didn't feel nervous...yet, I messed up on so many of my lines! We had maybe 5 people in the audience, and I couldn't believe how stumped I was on some parts! So after I beat myself up about that my entire dinner break, I studied my lines again, over and over, to make sure I won't make the same mistakes during the actual show! I even had some friends who surpised me and showed up for the performance! (Thanks!)
The show went so smoothly and I didn't mess up ANY of my lines! YAY! That was probably the first time in the FIVE weeks of rehearsals that everything went perfectly! And what a perfect time for it to go right - our one and only shot!
I had an audition today to be the host of a PBS PreSchool show. It was so much fun! I basically had to go in there and do what I do everyday when I teach little ones. I was energetic and animated - and it actually went extremely well! So we'll see what happens!
Tonight, I went BACK to UCLA for a 2 hour rehearsal for a reading of a new play that a friend of mine wrote. We will be presenting it to her masters class tomorrow at noon. I am exhausted and looking forward to my vacation, which will start right after the reading, but since she approached me after watching the play last night, I couldn't say no.
But at 1pm, I pick up my friend from the airport and we head to Mexico on Friday for a girls weekend/belated birthday celebration (my birthday was this past Sunday, the 27th)! I can't wait to have my lobster, and facial, and massage! What a great birthday gift to myself! Relaxation! :) Then we get back on Sunday and I head to Texas on Tuesday, for an extended vacation of maybe two months....we'll see. I just need to get away and live life far away from Hollywood for a bit. Sometimes you just need to do that! :)


Blogger Tim said...

Congrats on your show Lydia! Good luck on the PBS show too!
Also, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

5:29 PM  
Blogger Lydia Blanco said...

Thanks!!! :)

12:22 AM  

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