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Monday, August 14, 2006


Ok, being "pinned" is an interesting term. I mean, it can be good because it means I didn't NOT book the job - but it could be bad because it's not an official BOOKING - I'm just "pinned". Hmmmm....Let's see - I guess I can be the positive person, and not the negative Nelly, and see that the glass is half full. I didn't lose the part to someone else just yet. I'm "pinned". So I guess that means they like me (not sure if they like ONLY me), and they want to make sure of my availability and their scheduling before they call me for an official booking. Right? right. I think. Or, maybe it means that they can't decide between me and someone else - so they "pin" us both and make a final decision later. I don't know - but I'm going to go with the first one - and hope for the best.
I need a booking. I haven't really booked anything all year! The Holiday I booked in December technically, and shot it from Jan - March, and I booked the industrial last week, but that's it. And it's August now! ok, I don't want to sound ungrateful or greedy, but I'd like to average more bookings per year, if that's ok.... :-)
Now, on to other news....So I saw World Trade Center this weekend. I have never met Michael Pena - but I was proud to see that he landed a starring role opposite Nic Cage in an Oliver Stone film! The movie itself was just ok - but I have seen this actor progress over the years and have watched his career blossom and grow - so that was really exciting for me to see him in this role! He was amazing in Crash, a film that I loved - and I know he'll go on to do more amazing things!
And now, on to unrelated news....So today was very interesting. I'm temping at an apartment ccommunity this summer until I start up subbing again in September. I've been helping out with filing and what not at this luxury apartment community in downtown LA. Well, I really love working there (the pay is OK - so I wouldn't do it permanantly - which they have offered), and the people are so much fun. Well, they asked me and one other employee to go over to this other property that they just took over since the entire staff had quit during this whole merge. So we went over there thinking we'd help out in sifting through the mess and help get them organized. Well, today I was the property manager for this 200 unit complex! It was pretty funny considering I came from a complex where I just filed and answered phones - to this other complex where people are turning to me for answers since I was the "acting manager" today. Don't know how I went from "helper" to "manager" in a matter in minutes - but I did - and it was fun. i felt like I was playing a role! I have never been a manager or an assistant manager for a property before - just a leasing consultant - so this was all new to me. But it felt pretty good putting on that power hat! :-) The good news is - I work there again tomorrow - and then it's back to my reality of filing and getting coffee! Temping is fun when the days are different like this! And I still get to ACT! haha


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Yo Lydia, Fingers crossed for ya!

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