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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

2 Auditions!

So I got a last minute call to audition for Cold Case today at Shaner/Testa Casting in Burbank and I was temping in UPLAND - so there was no way I could make it there on time. What sucks is, this was a really good recurring role! But somehow my wonderful manager Laura at Central Artists got me an appointment for tomorrow at 3:30pm! YAY! I didn't miss out on this one! Thank God!
And right before I left the office today, I got another call about an audition for tomorrow as well. It's for the show Stand Off at Stordahl/Terry Casting at 12:30pm and the part seems like a pretty meaty co-star role. :-)
Looks like I will be running to Century 20th Fox in Culver City, then onto Warner Bros in Burbank. Busy day on the road tomorrow!


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