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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Coolest Thing Happened....

ok, so I was shopping in Target yesterday and this man rolled his cart over to me, with his son sitting in the seat, and asked me if I was on Curb Your Enthusiasm! I couldn't help smiling this very wide grin and I tell him that yes, that was me. He told me I was very likeable in that episode and it was one of his favorites to date. That was really cool! But the best part was he told me I looked much younger in person! :-) YES! haha
I felt like a mini-celebrity for a split second! And what a perfect day for it to happen on - Emmy day! Speaking of Emmys, I was excited to see that Robert Weide, the director who I worked with on Curb was nominated - and Marc Buckland, who I worked with on Medical Investigation, won for My Name is Earl. It was VERY COOL to see people I had met and worked with on that stage accepting an EMMY! Maybe someday.... ;-)
I have a callback tomorrow for that Chase bank commercial! And I have narrowed down my choices for a photographer, but I'm still not 100% in love with a choice. UGH! I'm going to keep on looking. I plan to have them done in the beginning of September - which is at the end of this week, right? great.


Anonymous Jesse Daly said...

Cute - You Are a Celebrity to me Lydia! :-)

So...Who Are you considering photographer wise?? I would say your best bet is paul smith - CDs LOVE his work!


1:19 AM  
Anonymous Omar is Tejas said...

you ARE a celebrity?! i was excited to your episodes get nominatd and win, too!

7:46 AM  

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