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Friday, August 18, 2006

My REAL job....

ok, so yesterday I made it to both my auditions. That's a good way to start my day! :-) On my way to my first audition I stopped by ACME to drop off more headshots. That's always good news to get that they need more pics - means they are actually using them! Submit away please! :) I saw one of my agents Greg Meyer. He's such a character! He always reminds me of Jeremy Piven of Entourage! And I mean that with nothing but LOVE!
He was just asking me if I made it to my Cold Case audition yesterday and I told him that I had my manager reschedule it for that day.
So I headed off to my audition for Stand Off at 20th Century Fox.
It always amazes me what some actors feel they need to do to get the upper hand in an audition. The part I was going for was a hospice worker. Not a doctor or nurse - just a hospice worker. So I wore my light tourquoise button down blouse and black slacks. Something simple to SUGGEST the character but not in costume. Well, there were more than one actress in the waiting room with a white doctor's lab coat on or a stethoscope. It was just crazy. I understand having to wear some of these things when going in for a commercial audition - but I don't get it for a theatrical audition. They have an imagination! You don't have to be in costume for them to imagine you as that character (even though the role was hospice worker and not doctor -hel-lo!) I just think if you feel you need to rely on a costume for your audition - then you need to get back into an acting class so that your talent is the only thing that speaks for you - not your wardrobe. That's just my 2 cents.
So, anyway, about my audition - it went well. There were parts where I felt I was pretty damn GREAT, and parts where I felt I was just ok - so it could go either way. I felt I could've done better - and I realized it halfway through the reading - but it wasn't horrible enough to stop and begin again, does that make sense? I was hoping they would give me an adjustment so I can redo it - but they didn't - and I left. It wasn't a HORRIBLE audition - but I know I could've given a better one. oh well....
My second audition went well too. It was for Cold Case at Warner Brothers. I met with the same casting director from the last time I was brought in to read. This time he seemed to like me a bit more. He had me do it 3 different times, with three different directions. he smiled a lot and asked me to wait in the lobby while he asked his partner something. He then went into his partner's office, closed the door, and a miunte later, came out and thanked me for coming in. And that was it. hmmm....I wasn't sure how to take it.
My friend Angel said that it has to mean only good news that he asked me to wait - because if he wasn't interested, than I would've been thanked when I finished. So who knows what they talked about on the other side of that door - but I'm going to choose to be positive and say they were discussing how AMAZING he thought I was and how perfect I would be for this role - and if NOT this one - then another role on this show.
yup. I choose to believe that's what happened! :)
Now, hopefully the next audition will come fast, so I can put these out of my head already!


Blogger Angel said...

Who knows, maybe they just talked about getting some lunch (smile). Still, I always try to look at that glass half-full.

Sounds like a great audition! I hope you get it! You're right, now just forget about it and work on the next one.


8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometimes costume helps actors get into character. great blog otherwise.

8:29 PM  
Blogger TanikaBrown said...

Okay, I am an Entourage FREAK! How hot is Jeremy??? It's the cockiness that does it for me.

Oh....I'm sure you'll book both jobs, too! Wanna hug it out? ;-)

7:38 PM  

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