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Monday, July 31, 2006

Texas Vacation

Well, I'm on vacation until Sunday August the 6th. I've already missed an audition for the new show Dexter that UDK is casting for - but I feel pretty good that they will call me back when I'm in town.
I just got the call that my postcards are ready to be picked up from Reproductions so I will do that when I get back. I plan to do a mailing about the industrial I booked - just to get my name and face in front of these people who haven't called me in yet this season.
My script for the industrial will be Fed-Ex'd to me tomorrow and I know I have the first rehearsal Monday, the day after I get back. I'm looking forward to it. It's been pretty slow for me this year - with this industrial being the only thing after The Holiday that I booked!
Not sure if taking a vacation in late July was a good idea since I will be missing auditions, but I'm still going to try and relax and enjoy my time with my family while I'm here - and get ready to hit the ground running when I get back!


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