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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

After a Month

It's been a full month since my last audition - and finally I had one yesterday! YAY!!! Talk about it being S-L-O-W. But hopefully everything will start to pick up. Looks like most shows are back on from their hiatus.
So yesterday I was called in to producers for Hanna Montana. It was so great to see Howard Meltzer again - I at least know I'm on his radar! I was auditioning for Parent #1/#2. Looks like it was a Halloween episode and I play an angry parent since my kids got so spooked at a haunted house.
The cool thing is, I know that this show LOVES when you play the scene with high energy and they have said that you can never be TOO big. Carol even made the comment "Remember everyone - this isn't The Shield!" So I went in and totally had fun with it and the producer was just laughing the whole way through. Now, that could mean he really liked me - OR it could mean that he laughs at EVERYONE. Hopefully he just really liked ME! We'll see.
I'm off from my temp job today so I will probably hit the road and do drops to the shows that are back on.
Yesterday I went by Debra Zane's new office (the CD who cast me in The Terminal) and wanted to give her an updated pic and resume and make sure I'm fresh on her mind since she's handing out roles on Ocean's 13 to friends of mine (Stephon and Angel). Imagine if I get cast on Ocean's 13! I can think of worse ways to spend a day besides hanging out with a cast of good looking men! heehee
So I submitted myself for an Equity bicoastal play called "Tale of Two Cities". I know it's risky trying out for a play that will run right in the middle of episodic season and will run in both LA and NYC - BUT, I haven't done a play since Real Women last April and this sounds like a pretty cool opportunity! I would have to live in NYC for about a month in October while it closes there - but the pay is good and they would pay for travel, housing and per diem. I just submitted - so I have to get an audition first - be wonderful at the audition, be offered a role - THEN I can start thinking about NYC for a month! :-)
One step at a time....


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