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Monday, July 24, 2006

STRESS is not just a 6 letter Word!

ok - I can't even begin to tell you the stress I've been having - just today! UGH!
ok, let me backtrack and tell you about the audition I had on Friday! It was a straight to producer's call for The Office. The role was a very nice role, a possible recurring character named Hannah who is the new mom in the office and is pumping her breat milk at work! Very funny scene - I thought I did well....not sure if I was "earth mom" enough at the audition. I didn't get that note before I dressed for the audition - or else I could've earthed mom'd it up! ;-)
I love going in for Allison Jones...she is very sweet - and I really like her - especially since she's cast me in Curb Your Enthusiasm AND The Office already (voice over only)!
So today I was getting ready for my Smith audition at John levey's office and I get a call that I have a last minute audition for Cold Case at the office of Shaner/Testa Casting. I was still at work so I begin to stress out about how I will prepare myself for this last miunte audition when I don't get off until 4:30pm - just enough time to get me to my 5:15 pm appointment! Luckily both auditions were on the WB lot - so that saved me a little bit of stress. I made it to my Smith audition right on time but I saw that the office was so overcrowded and they hadn't even started the session yet! I had to be at my Cold Case audition before 6pm! So I told the session runner my situation and ok'd it with him that I run to the other one and back. I get to the Cold Case audition and things are running pretty steadily. They call me in and realize it was a mistake. I signed in on the wrong sign in sheet. So I went back in the lobby and resigned myself in - and had to wait even more! By this time it was after 6pm and I was stressing over not making my Smith audition. I didn't get out of the Cold Case PREREAD until 6:30pm and I ran as fast as I could to John Levey's office - but everyone was gone. I missed it! And that was a straight to producers call!
I feel very sick to my stomach! I can't believe that I've waited for FIVE years to meet this man and I blew it! It was very sad....when I walked in - I was frazzled and out of breath and the waiting room was completely empty and the producers had already left. John Levey was standing there with his assistant and they both gave me sympathetic looks and said I missed it. It's over. I apologized and John said "Don't worry - it's a long season". So hopefully this means that I will get a second chance and be called in again. Hopefully.
I have to look on the bright side and tell myself that everything happens for a reason - even this. If I made it to this audition and booked it - then I'd have to reschedule my trip home this week - so maybe THAT'S why I didn't make it? Maybe I'm SUPPOSED to see my family since I haven't seen them since the holidays. maybe that's it. I hope.
I just hope I don't miss out on a lot of auditions while I'm gone for a week and a half!
Note to self: JULY is a very bad month to take trips. Travel in June - June was very dead.


Blogger Melissa D. Madison said...

Lydia, I am soooo sorry. I don't even know what to say. That really bites the big one, but maybe between the seemingly forgiving assisants and the help of your agents, I'm sure something can be done to get you back in his office. Don't think for a hot New York second that they don't know that we have appointments that are back to back and that happens ....THEY DO. This is not the first time he's heard of that happening. TRUST ME!

This has happened at least once to not only myself, but to all my friends, so you're not alone.

...Mess around and book "Hannah!"

3:21 PM  
Blogger TanikaBrown said...


Sorry, mama. I KNOW exactly how you feel. I had an ER audition and had a flat. Called got the clear, got there and UGH...they went on to the I couldn't be seen. It happens. Big hugs, you'll be fine!

6:53 PM  

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