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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Trying to Make Time for Everything Else...

Between one year doctor's appointments, 6 month check ups, dentist appointments, Baby and Me classes and story time at the neighborhood library, it's no wonder why we need to hire a housekeeper to tend to this house!  I barely have time to shower!  I had to move my daily morning shower to the evening, just so I don't have it interrupt our busy day!
Being a mom is exhausting!
But I'm trying to find time for me in the whirlwind of parenting.  Whether that means having dinner with girlfriends I haven't seen in a while, or taking off to watch a movie or play.  Sometimes I just need a quick break.  And in the midst of trying to find my groove with all this, I've decided to privately coach and consult other actors in their career.  Not sure when I will find the time to do this, but in a way - this is something for me.
My sweet Ivy turned 6 months old this week.  She has an appointment tomorrow to check if her head is so flat in the back that she needs a helmet.  :(  I didn't realize how common this was!  I felt like a horrible parent when her doctor told me the chances of her needing one.  I felt like maybe I didn't give her enough tummy time.  Or I let her sleep too much. (This little girl sleeps SO much!  I'm beginning to feel she is narcoleptic!)  Or maybe I didn't give her enough attention while I've been busy chasing around Nicolas.   I'm hoping she doesn't need it, especially since she has learned to sit up by herself and almost learning to crawl.  We'll see tomorrow...


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