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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Experiment

I have always been addicted to TV for as long as I can remember.
It's probably one of the main reasons I became an actress.  Growing up, I remember our family TV being on all the time.  I can do everything while watching TV.  Fold laundry, cook, check email, get dressed, all while keeping one eye glued to the TV.  It's quite a skill actually!  I'm the queen multi-tasker!
But lately, I felt like my addiction to the tube, as well as the computer, kept me from doing the best job possible as a mom to my babies.  I noticed my toddler's behavior was getting more aggressive and frustrating (to both himself and ME).  I figured it's because of his molars coming in.  And then I thought, I wonder if all this noise from the TV bothers him?  Or maybe he's frustrated at competing for my attention with the TV and computer?  I wonder how different our day would be if I cut all of this out for just one day.  To see.
So yesterday, I came downstairs to Sesame Street already on and the babies mesmerized as usual.  (I fear I'm raising future TV addicts!)  So I turn the TV off and explain to their dad that we are not having any electronics on today.  Well, no TV or computer.  I need my coffeemaker.  ;)
The day started off very peaceful and quiet.  No excess noise or sound.  Just us.
What I noticed about this experiment was my toddler really was a lot calmer than usual.  Happier even. I found myself looking at their faces more.  Enjoying my time with them.  Having fun, playing more, being silly.  I felt more relaxed, present, calmer.  I didn't miss it much really.
Not until about 4pm when I needed to start on dinner and the tantrum began.
And like the unperfect mom I am, I ended up finally turning the TV on, and putting on Sesame Street while I finished making dinner.  Tantrum averted.
Even though my experiment didn't last ALL day like I hoped, I learned a lot from the quiet time I spent with them.  And I plan to incorporate less TV and computer time in my day, and more quality and quiet time with them.
Logging off now...  :)


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