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Friday, September 07, 2012

Good News!

Ivy doesn't need a helmet!
They scanned her head and told me she is not a candidate for one.  In fact, she has a beautifully round head.  The doctor even went further and said she would hope her patients ended up with Ivy's shape AFTER using the helmet!  Great news!   YAY!!!
I decided not to take Nicolas with me on the appointment, which meant that I had to drop him off at a playcare facility for a couple of hours.  It's only my second time leaving him somewhere so I'm still a bit nervous.  I want him to not be traumatized and to have fun!  And trusting complete strangers to take care of your baby is TOUGH.  I'm always hoping they treat him well and he has fun.  Since he can't talk yet, he can't tell me.  :(


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