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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You Charge How Much????

Oh My God. Do you know how expensive child care is?? If you have a baby/kid, and work full-time - you probably do. Wow. I'm in shock. I think I may need to change careers because they must be millionaires in that field! I drove by a day care/preschool on my home the other day. It looked really nice on the outside and they were super close to my house, so I figured I'd give them a call, you know, just out of curiosity. In case I ever wanted to get a full time job one day. Well, they told me that under the age of 1, they charge $277 - A WEEK! If I wait until Nic turns 1, he would be $245 a week and Ivy would still be the $277! That's $522 a week in childcare! for ONE household!!! Even if I waited until they were both 2 years old and then enrolled them, it would cost $235 a week - PER KID. I would have to get one amazing job in order to justify putting them in childcare. I mean, how do people do it? It's crazy!


Blogger The Daily Huntress said...

I completely agree with you! Its crazy expensive~

1:47 PM  

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