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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sick Days

Do you know what SUCKS about being a mom? Seeing your baby sick. Damn, I feel so helpless. Guilty actually. I felt like I was coming down with something on Saturday. I had absolutely no voice on Sunday, a bad sore throat and cough on Monday, and full blown sick on Tuesday. So I'm pretty sure I'm the one that got little Nicolas sick. :( He started off with just a cough on Monday. Then woke up with a runny nose on Tuesday. By Tuesday afternoon, he was full blown sick! He's been up the past two nights in pain, unable to sleep or breathe. It's so heartbreaking!!! I know his little body is aching and tired and, as a mom, you wish you could do ANYTHING to make him feel better. To take away his sickness and bring him back to his healthy happy self. Having a sick baby SUCKS so bad. Because you know, if he's not sleeping, neither are we! So I'm taking care of two babies while I'm sick and so very tired, and trying not to get little Ivy sick. I can't wait until this all blows over and we are all healthy again. Nic at the doctor's office yesterday, waiting to be seen.


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