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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Casting Director: Lydia Blanco

This week I am a casting director. Officially.
I am casting a short film for my friend Alex Castillo, called Scratcher. I had originally wanted to be part of the producing team on this project (I guess technically I still am), but after my internship in Risa's casting office, and my interest in casting, he decided for me to take on this role. It's pretty damn exciting. :)
We put out the breakdown yesterday and have had 50 submissions so far. I'm going through them this week and setting up appointments for Friday.
So much is happening with me right now. I guess with Spring here, I'm doing a very thorough spring cleaning. I'm planning to sell most of my stuff, if not all, and go on an adventure of some sort. Travel, see other places, live somewhere else, DO something else - take a break from this industry they call "Entertainment". Minimize my life and possessions and really enjoy life.
It's scary and exciting at the same time.
I guess after 9 years in LA, I just want something different. A vacation. It could be could be a couple of months. Who knows? :)
But first - this project. It shoots in June, so my big changes will happen after that.
Back to work


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