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Monday, February 08, 2010

Trying to Stay Busy

It has been so incredibly slow these past couple of weeks. I had an audition I set up for myself for a USC short last Thursday. It's a scene from the film Swingers, and they are doing the female version. That was a fun audition. I auditioned to play the Jon Favreau character. It shoots this coming weekend so if they want to cast me, I should hear back sometime this week.

My interview with IAE Magazine just came out in their most recent issue! I'm on pages 64-66! Check it out! :)

Well, it looks like I may be interning at a casting office starting this week. I'll be helping them during pilot season, trying to learn what I can. Who knows, I may need to get a job in casting if this dry spell lasts any longer.

I'm also working on a short film that my friend Alex Castillo is directing. Hoping to learn what I can on the producing end as well....trying to stay busy.


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