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Friday, February 26, 2010

This Week

It has been an interesting week.
I had an audition yesterday for an IHOP commercial yesterday. That was short and sweet.
I signed on for an extra day of interning. Now I'm working three days a week at the casting office. I must be crazy because I got there at 9am and I was the last intern to leave at 7:20pm. I worked over 10 hours, free of charge! But today was unlike any other day. We had a producer's session where a select few actors were brought in to meet the producers for the pilot. I had about 5 "stars" on the list that I had to usher into a separate office so they wouldn't have to wait in the busy waiting room with the other actors. (Without saying his exact name), one of them was The Hoff-man himself (heehee). Now, he isn't just an actor or celebrity - he is an actual EVENT. The man is always "on". He is very tall, and has the performing personality the second he enters a building. He referred to a previous show he was on (where he drove a talking car - hint hint) constantly and used many "Hoff-isms". One being "Have a Hoffy day" on a signed copy of his picture. That was one of the highlights from my day. LOL
I got a call today that I have an audition for a studio feature film on Monday. I could use a big booking like that. I could use any kind of booking actually - its been way too slow for me.
I do have a lunch meeting next week was a studio casting executive so I could learn about his position to see if maybe that road is the one I want to take. I love my experience in casting so far - but I'm not sure if I belong at this level or the studio level. We'll see which is a better fit. I'm just feeling like I need to make a difference on a grander scale. I love acting - I will always be an actor - but I would love to work in an area where I can provide opportunities for people I feel deserve it and make a difference on how Latinos - and minorities in general - are portrayed onscreen - big or small.


Blogger Rick Olmos said...

Welcome to my world Lydia! Casting is addictive. Helping others get their break feels incredible and it doesn't go away. Getting to see all that wide eyed innocence always keeps the day going too.

1:22 AM  
Blogger Lydia Blanco said...

wide eyed innocence?? You must not be in LA!! LOL !!!

1:25 AM  

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