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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Missed My Audition!!!! :(

I showed up to my audition a day late! Can you believe that???
I arrived to the FOX lot yesterday, ready for my guest star, possible recurring role on Terriers as an Asst D.A., and the guard did not have me on the list. I told him who I was meeting with, and what building they were in. He called up to the casting office to let them know I was there and she asked to speak to me. She proceeds to inform me that my audition was scheduled for YESTERDAY and she would love to see me today except they already have an offer out to someone else. And just like that, that awesome role vanished. :(
I kept beating myself up for doing something so stupid!
How could this happen? I checked my email from my agent, and right there it said THURSDAY, 3pm. Where did I get that it was on FRIDAY?
I was so bummed!
Then I remembered I got the call from my agent Wednesday night while I was teaching my teen class and the message said that my audition was Friday the 11th. I just heard FRIDAY, so that's what I put in my calender. Didn't bother to double check the day on my email. Oh well.
Lesson learned. That will NEVER happen again.

I started my internship with Risa Bramon Garcia Casting. She is casting a pilot called The Cape, which is a really cool 1 hour superhero pilot. :) I had such a great first day yesterday. The hours went by so fast and I learned so much in my short 5 hours there. I really loved it and I'm eager to see what the next day holds and what more I can learn!
Its incredible how many stars get submitted for these roles! It seems like everyone in Hollywood is looking for a job! A lead in a series is definately not a bad one! :)


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